Depicted in the image is a yin-yang symbol featuring the western and eastern cultures. The western culture in the image features the Statue of Liberty, a cowboy, a flying eagle with olive branch, a female praying and a rose. The eastern culture in the image features a monk meditating, a geisha, samurai, Asian balloons, and Chinese dragon. 

While each culture is uniquely different, they exist in harmony. Each culture has the same elements of the other, both yin and yang (as represented in the opposite colored dots), making them connected and balanced. The background within the yin- yang symbol contains a mandala which symbolizes the connection of oneself to the universe. Although each individual is unique, remember that we are all connected.

The original painting is 24″ x 24″ and is framed in a gold floater frame. The painting is on four joined wooden panels.

Prints are also available in various sizes.

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