The Art of Margaret Jacobson

 Perpetuating Peace and Alignment 

with the Positive Flows of the Universe

The Healing Power of Feng Shui Art

Margaret Jacobson is a Feng Shui artist based in Arlington, VA. She utilizes the healing principles of art and Feng Shui to create her pieces. Blending the powers of art and Feng Shui, her pieces intend to harmonize the viewer with their environment, fostering peace and alignment with the positive flows of the universe.

She creates vibrant paintings with energizing colors and patterns that blend an esthetic of ancient and modern. Her use of art principles create a magnetic effect, drawing the viewer in with its textures and playfulness. Her use of Feng Shui principles and symbols perpetuate feelings of peace, while evoking a sense of inspiration to attune one’s life to the positive flows of the universe.

Each and every one of her pieces is original. She derives inspiration from multiple sources to create one unique image. Once the piece has been created, she does not repaint them; only one original painting per image exists.

An Introduction to the History of Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that originated more than 4,000 years ago in China. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), Feng Shui was solely practiced by the ruling classes to determine auspicious locations for burial sites and palace locations. 

Feng Shui contains various scholarly subjects that include physics, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology. This practice is also closely related to the Taoist understanding of nature in that the land is alive and filled with chi (Qi) or energy. A healthy flow of Qi is essential for good health and fortune. Translated, Feng means “wind” and Shui means “water.” These elements pertain to the balance of the flow of energy which determines the harmony and well-being within a specific local.



Feng Shui and Your Home

In the context of your home, Feng Shui draws heavily from factors such as location, architecture, visual aesthetics, and furniture placement to attract and promote the flow of good Qi. Important to the positive flow of Qi is the balance of yin and yang. Yin and yang represent all the opposing yet interdependent energies of the universe with yin representing femininity/passivity and yang representing activity, passion, and growth. The balance of these opposing energies can be manipulated by effective Feng Shui.  One way to accomplish this is through the placement of art in your home. 

Feng Shui divides our lives into unique areas of aspiration; these areas form the Feng Shui energy map known as the Bagua. The Bagua offers a systematic way to evaluate the energy field of your environment. Translated, Bagua means “eight symbols.” The Bagua consists of eight symbols around a center and are connected to different aspects of one’s life. This energy grid can be laid over a floor plan of an entire home or a single room.

Placing art (images/colors) in specific areas of your home will activate those areas in your life.

Below is an example of a Bagua Map:


For example:

Placing a laughing buddha in the South East Corner of your room or home can help better align you with the energies of prosperity and wealth.                                        

Trendy_fabric_chair_next_to_spotlit_wall-2 copy 2

Placing a Dragon and Phoenix (Yang and Yin energies) in the energy areas of your home related to relationships or family, can promote positive relationships.

The_gray_wood_cabinet-2 copy

Many elements of the Feng Shui Bagua philosophy matches the western view of what colors and images mean to western cultures. Colors can affect our emotions and the images we see can influence us in a positive or negative way.

Final Thoughts

Art is a major conduit to promoting positive energy in your home. The symbols and colors used in art can promote peaceful feelings in oneself. If you combine this energy with the energy flows of your home you create harmony in your surroundings, which in turn can enhance your happiness, health, and prosperity. This an ancient Chinese practice whose philosophies are also rooted in other indigenous cultures. Our modern society has become a bit removed from this ancient wisdom, but the knowledge has not been lost. How can you use these energy principles to promote prosperity and wellness in your life?