Love Birds

Two magpies sitting on a tree branch with pink peony flowers, and underneath are lily pads with pink lotus flowers. In Chinese culture, magpies found in pairs represent love, bliss, and happiness in romantic partnership.


In the image is a Deer with flowers surrounding its antlers. In Feng Shui deer represents endurance, grace, and long life. The word for deer in Chinese is lu which translates to mean income. Consequently, the combined meanings represent a prosperous long life. Also in flowers in Feng Shui symbolize good luck. Flowers posses positive […]

Quan Yin

Quan Yin is one of the major dieties in Buddhism and one of the most popular dieties used in Feng Shui. Her attributes are “The One with Motherly Compassion, She who hears the cries of the people.” Due to her commitment to helping humans, she is approached with any concerns, troubles, or worries. Be it […]

Letting Go

This painting depicts Buddha sitting on a lotus flower. His hands are in the mudra position “Let Go.” As he lets go, he is untangled from karmic situations. His example reminds us to let go so we can grow to be the best versions of ourselves. Many Feng Shui consultants recommend placing a Buddha opposite […]

Birds Flying High

This piece was carefully and delicately composed to exude a sense of peace and balance. The mountains display sense of stability and reliability, while the birds roam free in the sky. The constellations on the right remind us of the multi-dimentionality of life and that there is more to life than just the physical.  The […]

Harmony on Earth

This painting features a dragon and a phoenix in the sky. In Asian cultures, the Dragon and Phoenix represent balance and harmony. Beneath them is a landscape of mountains and rivers. In the mountain is a Japanese village scene. This painting contains diamond dust in the sky, so it sparkles and gold leaf to outline […]

Starry Night

The image depicts the heavens abstractly and the stability of mountains below, represented through lines. The juxtaposition of styles represent a balance of two energies coming together in harmony. The darkness in the sky (yin) and the lightness of the mountains (yang) also represent balance.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a feng shui symbol based on the story of a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China. He was regarded as a bit too eccentric for a monk, but his heart was loving and open, and in time, he came to be loved by many. He is considered a reincarnation […]

Dragon and Phoenix

In the image is a Dragon (Yang) with a day scene in its body and Phoenix (Yin) with a night scene in its body. Life is the art of balancing our Yin and Yang energies to achieve peace and harmony. This is a reminder balance the yin and yang energies in oneself. The background with […]


Depicted in the image is a yin-yang symbol featuring the western and eastern cultures. The western culture in the image features the Statue of Liberty, a cowboy, a flying eagle with olive branch, a female praying and a rose. The eastern culture in the image features a monk meditating, a geisha, samurai, Asian balloons, and […]